Tesla Powerwall Energy Storage Solution

The Tesla Powerwall is an excellent energy storage solution designed to help you maximise the return on investment from your solar pv system. It stores energy when there’s an excess being generated for use in the evening.

Set and Forget

The Tesla Powerwall is straightforward to install, operates without intervention and requires no tune-ups, check-ups or other routine servicing.

Solar Energy in the Dark!

With a Tesla Powerwall you can easily, safely and automatically store energy generated by your solar panels during the day for use at night.

Emergency backup power

Should your regular grid supply fail, the Tesla Powerwall can step-in and act as a temporary backup.

Storage Capacity

There’s more than enough storage capacity in one of these units to power the average home for an evening – 6.4kWh. Need more? Multiple units can work in tandem. Another solution may come in the Powerwall 2 with increased capacity in one unit, due to be launched by Tesla in 2017.

Get Off the Grid

With the right combination of solar panels and Powerwall batteries you may be able to take your house off the grid.

Energy Rating

Using a powerwall could improve the energy rating of your home and is certain to prove a novel and attractive feature for potential buyers.

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