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Tesla Powerwall

Power your home and electric vehicle with renewable energy day and night.

Most home solar PV systems generate more electricity than you need during daylight hours. By teaming your solar PV system with Powerwall, a rechargeable home battery, you can store excess energy from your solar panels to use at any time, even during a powercut.

Available from £9,180.

Tesla Powerwall energy storage solution

Tesla Powerwall is an excellent energy storage solution designed to help you maximise the return on investment from your solar pv system. It stores energy when there’s an excess being generated for use in the evening.

Set and Forget

Tesla Powerwall is straightforward to install, operates without intervention and requires no tune-ups, check-ups or other routine servicing.

Solar Energy in the Dark!

With a Tesla Powerwall you can easily, safely and automatically store energy generated by your solar panels during the day for use at night.

Emergency backup power

Should your regular grid supply fail, Tesla Powerwall can step-in and act as a temporary backup.

Energy Rating

Using a Powerwall could improve the energy rating of your home and is certain to prove a novel and attractive feature for potential buyers.

Get Off the Grid

With the right combination of solar panels and Powerwall batteries you may be able to take your house off the grid.

Storage Capacity

There’s more than enough storage capacity in a single Powerwall to power the average home for an evening – 13.5kWh. Need more? Multiple units can work in tandem.

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You can now book a video consultation with one of our friendly project engineers, so you can discuss your battery storage requirements face-to-face. During your meeting we can run through a tailored battery storage solution and provide indicative pricing too. 

Tesla Powerwall captures the power of the sun, day and night

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the answer here please get in touch and our expert team will help you with your battery storage queries.

Why should I pick Tesla Powerwall?

With an integrated inverter, the all-in-one construction of Powerwall provides one of the most affordable home battery systems in terms of cost per kWh. Plus its liquid thermal controls, independent fuses and touch-safe technology deliver maximum battery life and added safety.

Can I monitor the battery performance?

Tesla Powerwall comes with an app which allows you to monitor the performance of your solar and battery system, including a live view of your home power flows and historic reports.

What if I don’t already have solar?

Installing battery storage in isolation can benefit through arbitrage; buying energy at a cheap rate and using it when energy is more expensive eg. Economy 7 energy tariffs.

However, in order to realise the biggest benefit from battery storage we recommend that you install solar prior to, or at the same time as installing a battery. Installing the two together has the added benefit that your installation will be charged at only 5% VAT.

Need help?

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