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Power your home with solar electricity

Generate your own 100% renewable electricity with a solar PV system from as little as £5,665

Reduce electricity bills

Reduce your reliance on the grid and save money on your electricity bills


Cut your carbon footprint by powering your home with renewable solar energy

Home EV charging

Charge your electric vehicle using your solar generated electricity, for free!

Day & night

Add battery storage to your solar system to reduce your electricity bills by as much as 80% and use solar electricity even at night!

How do solar panels work?

A solar panel consists of multiple photovoltaic (PV) cells which capture the sun’s light (photons) and convert it to electricity (volts). An inverter converts the solar generated energy into electricity which you can use in your home.  You can use this electricity as you generate it, and if you require more power your home will automatically import any extra you need from the grid.

A solar PV system just needs light to work so although clear, sunny skies will generate higher levels of electricity, you can still power your home on cloudy days and during winter.

Solar panels

Our solar PV solutions

With over 10 years experience of designing and installing solar PV solutions, The Phoenix Works team will help you select the right system for your home.

Working with key manufacturers, we only install technically superior equipment, backed by industry leading warranties.  That’s why each of our solar PV installations is designed to be operational for a minimum of 20 years.

Discover more about home solar and battery solutions

Solar PV installation

How much can a solar PV system reduce your reliance on the grid?

Reducing electricity bills is a big benefit of adding photovoltaic solar panels to your home, but just how much can they reduce your reliance on the grid? We took a look at one of our own 4kW solar PV installations to find out.

Video consultation

Book a video consultation

You can now book a video consulatation with one of our friendly project engineers. During your face-to-face meeting we can get a better understanding of your solar requirements and provide a tailored solution with indicative pricing too.

Tesla Powerwall

Team your solar system with battery storage

Most home solar PV systems generate more electricity than you need during the daytime. By adding a rechargable home battery to your solar system you can store excess energy to use at any time, day or night.

What our customers say

“The Phoenix Works recently added solar panels and a Powerwall complimenting a Zappi EV charger they installed earlier in the spring. Very impressed with the market leading products, knowledgable staff, absence of hard sell and the quality of the installation team. Thanks to Pam, Matt, Rachel and the installation team.”


What our customers say

“I would definitely recommend The Phoenix Works to anyone considering solar panels. The whole process went smoothly from booking the initial site survey, to the completion of the work, and the follow up afterwards. Everyone in the team was very professional, friendly and helpful. It was pouring with rain on the day the panels were fitted, but apart from a soggy doormat there was no mess whatsoever.”


Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the answer here please get in touch and our team of experts will be able to help you with your solar queries.

How do I know if solar is suitable for my home?

Solar panels are generally suitable for most homes. Some of the most common reasons a roof would not be suitable are: it doesn’t have adequate space (an 8 panel system requires a space of 2 small car parking spaces), the roof is in a state of disrepair or very unstable or it is thatched. To ensure your roof is suitable for a solar PV system we will ask you some quick questions before providing a quotation.

How much electricity can I generate from my solar pv system?

The output from a solar photovoltaic system depends on multiple factors including geographical location, pitch and orientation of the system as well as the inverter design and module type. Shading and seasonal variations are also important to consider.
When estimating the output we consider all the above factors and make a prediction based on a conservative scenario according to the industry standard assessment procedure.
For systems in the UK, the highest power yield is achieved when the array is inclined at an angle of 35° – 40° facing due south. Though moving away from this optimum will reduce the output, it is often less than perceived and east/west facing arrays are still perfectly viable if unshaded.

Do I need planning permission for solar panels?

In many instances, the installation of a solar pv system is covered by the General Permitted Development Order and therefore does not require planning permission. The exceptions to this are as follows:

  • Installations within a conservation area
  • Installations within an area of outstanding natural beauty
  • Installations within a national park
  • Installations on a listed building
  • Ground-mounted systems with a footprint over 9m²

If permissions are required for your home our expert team can help facilitate the application. 

Need help?

If you would like some further information about a solar PV system for your home, please get in touch and one of our helpful experts will be on hand to advise you.


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