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Jeff’s low carbon home

We’re always here to help our customers gain control of how they generate, store and use energy. After installing a zappi EV charger at our customer Jeff’s home, he came straight back to The Phoenix Works to complete his sustainable home solution with a solar PV system, Tesla Powerwall battery storage and air source heat pump.

Benefits of Jeff’s sustainable home solution


Generate his own 100% renewable electricity to power his home


Store any unused solar energy generated during the day to use at night


Reduce his reliance on the grid and save on electricity bills. 


Charge his electric vehicle for free, using his own solar generated electricity


Disconnected his gas supply largely reducing CO2 emissions. 

Jeff’s sustainable solution

Our first engagement with Jeff was in January 2020 for the installation of a home EV charger – the Zappi! Jeff had clearly done his homework, requesting a Zappi Charger due to its flexibility and smart home integration features. Jeff also requested to upgrade the charger from a 7KW charger to 22KW, and following our advice, he ordered a three phase supply and had this supplied by his DNO.


Later that year, Jeff came back to us as he wanted to start generating and storing his own energy. We suggested an 8kWp solar PV array with an integrated Tesla Powerwall to store his energy day and night. The system was installed and allowed Jeff to power his home and his car with free energy, giving him a degree of grid independence.


After enjoying the benefits of his very own self-generation and storage solutions, Jeff came back to us again in May 2021 for the design and installation of an air source heat pump. Our team designed a 9KW system based on a LG therma heat pump. The system included a touch screen interface, Sunamp hot water storage tank with Eddi immersion controller and additional radiators. We also installed Hive smart thermostat to make his heating solution smart and hands-free.

Finally to complete Jeff’s fully sustainable home, we expanded his Solar PV array with an additional 8.77kWp of capacity, equipped with solar edge inverters, giving Jeff complete grid independence for the majority of the year.

Jeff’s completed sustainable home solution allows him to generate 100% renewable energy to power his home and electric car all year round. It is estimated that Jeff’s solar PV system will produce 10Mwh each year, saving huge amounts on his electricity bills and reducing his reliance on the grid almost entirely. And if that’s not exciting enough, integrating a heat pump has also meant Jeff has been able to disconnect his gas supply completely!

It has been a delight to work with Jeff on developing his sustainable home and to support him on his journey to renewable energy.

Following the exciting results from the Solar and Storage Live Award ceremony, we’re also delighted to announce that Jeff’s sustainable home won the ‘Residential Project of the Year Award’ and our team couldn’t be prouder!


Jeff’s original Solar array installation

June 2020


Expanding Jeff’s solar array

May 2021

Tesla Powerwall 2 and Solar Inverter

Air source heat Pump

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