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Your quick checklist for finding an EV charger installer

We understand the world of electric vehicles and home charging is still very new. So it can be tricky to know what you need to look for when finding the right EV charger for your home, and the right installer to complete the job.

Our quick 6 point checklist will help you ask the right questions when getting quotes for your charging hardware and installation.


Selecting the right EV charging hardware

There are a variety of EV charge points now available on the market which offer different features & functions.

It is important to make sure your installer offers the right charger for you – do you want it to sync with energy tariffs to charge at the cheapest rates? Or charge from your own solar panels? Are you happy with the design and size of the charger?

When it comes to EV charging at home, reliability is everything. That’s why The Phoenix Works only install EV chargers that we’re confident won’t let you down. Our selection of electric vehicle chargers have been through our rigorous testing and due diligence.


Comparable quotations

No-one wants to feel over charged for any purchase they make. When getting multiple quotes for your EV charger installation, make sure they are like-for-like. Some companies offer a fixed price for standard installations. Check what this includes as it will be different for each supplier. Providing accurate information such as distance between your EV charger location and power supply will help you to avoid suprise additional costs on installation day. A few questions to ask are:

  • Is it the same charging hardware?
  • How much cable is included in my installation quote?
  • Does my quote include active load management?
  • Is there a possibility you will have additional costs on the day of install?

Who will be installing your EV charger?

When getting a quote or booking your EV charger installation online, make sure to check who will be completing the installation work. The Phoenix Works have their own award-winning installation team, whilst others sub contract the work to local electricians in your area. This is useful to know if you have any issues in the future, so you know who to go to for any maintenance requirements. 


EVHS approved

The current Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme offers up to £350 off the cost of your EV charger and installation. 

The grant can only be claimed by EVHS-approved installers (on behalf of their customers) who are accredited by a Competent Person Scheme at the time of installation. Don’t forget – your chargepoint must be on the EVHS approved chargepoint model list too.


DNO applications

Your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) looks after your local/regional electricity supply. Ahead of installing your EV charger we need to inform the DNO of the likely maximum demand at the property, so it can check the supply is adequate.

Check your installer will notify the DNO ahead of your installation. This is a standard process for The Phoenix Works.  If the maximum demand is likely to outstrip the supply at your property, then some chargers can be “de-rated” which means they will use less power – for example 16 Amps instead of 32. In most cases, this means the installation can safely go ahead until your DNO has upgraded your supply and your charger can be returned to full power.


Customer reviews

It is always reassuring to have friend or family recommendations, but what if you are the first to have an EV charger installed?

Check out customer review sites such as Which?, Trust Pilot or Google reviews to get a glimpse of previous customer’s experience of working with your installer. If they are not listed on any of these sites ask your installer if you could speak to a previous customer.

Need some help?

If you would like a quotation for your own home EV charger or need some help choosing an EV charger for your home, please get in touch and one of our helpful experts will be on hand to guide you.


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