EO Charging

EO Charging are a leading name in not just electric vehicle charging, but smart electric vehicle charging. What do we mean by that? Read on!

The Genius

The Genius is the next level in vehicle charging from EO. The standard EO model is great for simple charging – just plug in and you’re away. The genius, however, will integrate intelligent software into your charging solution that allows you to generate revenue, set peak limits and reserve bays. This will be ideal for commercial EV charging solutions at offices, car parks, hotels – indeed anywhere with a forward thinking plan for the environment.

Fleet Software

If you’re running a fleet of chargers, how will you manage them? Answer: the eoCloud software. This platform will allow you to run a fully managed fleet of electric vehicle chargers and provide you with a wealth of data to get the most from your solution.


The eoApp will provide everything you need to manage charging your electric vehicle in one handy smartphone app. Find charging points, pay on the go, monitor your history, reserve bays and much more – no more worrying about running out of charge, being stranded without a charging point or hoping you’ve cash on you to pay. Handy!

What's next?

EO Charging is in a phase of rapid development. Expect the chargers and the software to get smarter & more efficient!

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