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Hazel Court, York Eco Depot.

December, 2020

With over 10-years’ experience in designing and installing solar PV solutions, our award-winning team will only install the most technically superior equipment to ensure each installation is operational for a minimum of 20-years. We’re also committed to being there when systems aren’t meeting expectations too.


Over recent years, The Phoenix Works have been engaged in investigating the underperformance of a solar PV system at the Hazel Court Eco Depot in York, which had been designed and installed by another provider. Following a survey of the installation in 2017, the team were asked to rectify the faults and expand the capacity and efficiency of the existing system. Upgrades were made to the entire system, using technically superior equipment and smart SolarEdge technology. After completing the install, the arrays overall capacity was increased from 51kWp to 116kWp, adding 241 panels to the system.

The TPW team were asked to return to Hazel Court in December 2020, to carry out a new installation of 378 panels, to further increase the capacity of the array. A huge 110kWp was added to the system, and the entire project was carried out in less than 2 months, during extreme weather conditions and with no disruption to the depot.  

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