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V2G charging at Corby Council

June 2021

Our vehicle-to-grid chargers are now up and running at Corby Council as part of E-Flex, a co-innovation project, using active electric vehicles in real-world fleets to prove the value of V2G technology.


The goal is to demonstrate the role V2G can play in reducing the demand that EVs put on our energy networks, while proving the economic benefits for commercial fleet owners.


What is V2G charging?

V2G chargers are a two-way method of distributing energy to and from an electric vehicle and are designed to reduce CO2 emissions, stabilise the grid and support a more sustainable future.

Utilising vehicle to grid technology allows electric vehicles to store energy and discharge it back to the grid, for example during peak times when the country is using the highest levels of energy.

The idea of vehicle to grid charging is that it enables you to increase and decrease the charging of your car, depending on when you need it most. But the technology of V2G also allows the power to accumulate and be sent back to the grid to balance out any energy differences from the UK’s production and consumption.

Not only do V2G chargers help you to help the planet, but they offer the same low running costs as smart chargers along with all of their smart features, but can also cut energy bills and help save some pennies!

As more V2G charging trials are underway at The Phoenix Works, we’ll keep you posted as we work towards a cleaner and more sustainable world and help achieve carbon emission targets.

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