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Customer Case Study: Complete sustainable home

June 2021

At the Phoenix Works we take pride in our long-lasting solutions and service, and here is a great example of how we’ve helped a customer gradually transition to a fully sustainable home.


Back in 2012 we installed a solar PV system for the customer so they could begin to start generating their own renewable energy. We then returned earlier this year to install a Zappi charger, a smart charger that works with solar, meaning that the customer can charge their EV solely from the energy generated from their Solar PV system. 

Finally a Tesla Powerwall Battery with backup has been installed most recently which helps to maximise the return of the customers investment into their solar PV system and means that any excess energy can be stored and used to power their home from 100% renewable energy both day and night.

Our eco-system of sustainable solutions has been designed to grow at your pace. So whichever step you take first, we can start small and scale to meet the needs of your home or business.

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EV charging bay

Solar installed in


Home 100% powered by

solar energy after adding

battery storage

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