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BBC News Feature

September 2021

As the UK works towards its goal of reducing emissions to net-zero by 2050, the green energy industry is set to see a huge demand for new recruits in what are known as ‘green’ jobs.

Our very own CEO, Thomas Newby and team appeared on BBC Look North to discuss the growing demand for employees within the industry and our approach to the future growth of the renewable energy sector.

Thomas talks about the rising demand for EV charging infrastructure across the UK, saying:


“We’ve gone from doing a few 10’s of installations a month to the situation now where we’re maybe doing somewhere between 50 and 100 separate sockets per month. By the end of next year we’re projected to do 10,000 sockets over the course of the year. So you can see the growth is very strong indeed.”



Thomas explains how The Phoenix Works will manage this demand and use it to our advantage, saying:



“There is the opportunity in the market because the projected uptake of electric vehicles is such that it will take all of our efforts, growing as fast as we can and that of other organisations as well”


As the need for green energy jobs increases, this could bring opportunities for skilled tradespeople, engineers and other specialists across every region of the country. Here at the Phoenix Works alone, our employee payroll will grow from 50 members of staff just one year ago, to an expected 140 members next year.


As the adoption of sustainable technology becomes more attractive to both home owners and businesses, it is evident there will be a vast number of green energy roles to fill in the coming years.

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