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Switched on EV charging for workplaces

Our new EV charging service plan is the complete end-to-end solution for smart workplaces. Zero upfront costs and our 100% uptime guarantee ensures that you are always on.

Our EV charging service plan for workplaces leads the market

When it comes to electric vehicle charging, reliability is everything. With the need to support EVs quickly becoming business-critical infrastructure for workplaces, employers need to be sure employee and fleet vehicles are kept on the go. Our fully managed service with best in class equipment and a 24/7 driver helpline gives you peace of mind, allowing you to instead focus on your core business. We’ve also got an unrivalled 100% uptime guarantee. If our chargers aren’t working because of our solutions, you don’t pay – a great incentive for us to make sure you’re always up-and-running.

100% uptime guarantee

Increased employee satisfaction

Zero upfront costs

Talk to us if you’re thinking of installing EV chargers for your business

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“Being responsible for the largest EV fleet in the UK, our charging infrastructure is business critical. The Phoenix Works took the time to understand my business and design an intelligent solution tailored to meet our needs.”

Sam Clarke, Founder, Gnewt Cargo (a Menzies company)