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EV charging at Asda, Stevenage

Good news!

You can now top up your electric vehicle during your weekly shop at Asda Stevenage. Find out everything you need to know about the 3 new quick and convenient charging points here:

Where can I find the EV charging points?

The three EV charging parking bays are located near the main entrance of Asda’s Stevenage store on Monkswood Way, SG11LA.

What connectors are available?

The rapid charger has both a CHAdeMO and CSS connector. The fast charging point has 2 sockets for a type 2 connector. 

How fast can I charge my EV?

The Tritium Rapid DC charge point can charge a Nissan Leaf to 80% in just 30 minutes.

The fast AC charging stations can provide 80% charge in 3 hours, perfect if you are planning an extended trip to store.

Do I need to register my details to use these chargers?

No. For the rapid DC charger, simply tap your contactless card or payment device and start charging!

For the fast AC chargers, scan the QR code or visit the website displayed on the charger and enter your payments details. There is no need to register with a charging network, download an app or request an RFID card to access the chargers.

How much does it cost to charge my EV?

You will be charged 30p per kWh of energy delivered to your EV. For a Nissian Leaf topped up to 80% from 0% charge, this would cost £7.20.

Who should I contact if I experience an issue?

If you have any problems charging your electric vehicle at the charging point you can contact our 24/7 driver helpline on 0121 728 4999.

Who are The Phoenix Works?

We’re an award-winning team of experts who help homes, workplaces, businesses, and the public sector to embrace renewable technology. We specialise in designing ev charging solutions (just like this EV charger set up at Asda Stevenage) as well as solar and battery installations.

How to charge your EV at Asda Stevenage

Park up

Park in front of the charger you wish to use. There is one rapid and two fast charging stations available at Asda Stevenage. 

Plug in

If you are using the rapid DC charger, simply select the cable with the right connector for your car and plug it in.

If you are using the fast AC charger, you will need to connect your own type 2 cable. 


Once plugged in, the charger will recognise your vehicle is connected. You can now present your contactless payment card or device and charging will commence. 

Asda EV Charging

Before you head to store…

You can now check the current status of all three EV charging points on Zap Map, so you can check if one is available to use.

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