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Asda EV charging trial goes live at Stevenage store

October 2020

Customers visiting ASDA’s Stevenage store can now top up their electric vehicles whilst they shop, following the installation of 3 new charging stations. Responding to the increasing needs of EV drivers, ASDA’s EV charging trial will show how customers utilise this new amenity. If customers respond positively, the EV chargers could be rolled out to stores across the UK.


Looking for a solution that would allow shoppers to charge their EVs easily and conveniently during their visit to store, The Phoenix Works has designed a complete end-to-end solution that combines rapid and fast charging facilities.


Quick and easy charging

Capable of charging a Nissan Leaf to 80% in just 30 minutes, the Tritium Veefil RT50 charging station ensures users can confidently charge their car during the time it takes to complete their weekly shop. The Tritium unit also has the smallest DC charger footprint in the world. Making the RT50 charger a practical choice for retrofitting into the existing carpark layout. Alongside the rapid charger, an Etrel dual outlet AC charging station provides fast charging (80% charge in 3 hours) for customers who are planning an extended trip to the superstore.


Fully wrapped in ASDA branding, the EV charging trial units are located in a prominent position near the main entrance of the store, with visibility of the new charging facilities enhanced with clear bay marking.


Contactless convenience

For added convenience customers can pay for their cars charge quickly via contactless card payment. This removes the need to register with a charging network, download an app or request an RFID card to access the chargers. With the flexibility of setting their own tariffs, Asda can charge users per kWh of energy delivered to their vehicle and retain 100% of the revenue generated.


With the unrivalled maintenance package available from The Phoenix Works, the both charging units are registered with our 24/7 support service, who remotely monitor or diagnose the installation through our cloud-based management platform. In the case of any charging issues EV drivers contact us, via our 24/7 customer helpline. The EV charging trial also extends to back-office connectivity, providing real time insights into the status of the charger and its usage. This functionality will enable Asda to easily evaluate the performance of the EV charging trial site and the take up from their customers.


To find out more about our destination EV charging solutions, including our EV charging plan with 100% uptime guarantee click here.

Asda EV charging trial
EV charging bay

Complete end-to-end

EV charging solution

Contactless payment


Rapid & fast units to

provide 80% charge

during store visit

Charging hardware fully

wrapped in ASDA


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